Rocko Junior Snowboard

Rocko Junior Snowboard

We all remember grabbing an old fertaliser sack and heading for the hills when the snow was falling as a child.

Times have certainly changed since those good old days, not only is it sit in sledges but now we have a Junior Snowboard available for young snow enthusiasts who wish to tun heads and be the envy of their friends this winter on the snow.

This impressive moulded plastic Snowboard is 92cm long and has adjustable bindings which will fit a normal shoe or waterproof boot so it  can be easily removed and shared with others to have a go as well.

Girl on Rocko junior snowboardPerfect for getting started with a snowboard

This introductory snowboard is a great way to get started if you want to take up more extreme snow sports. The design is similar to a conventional snowboard and you can do the basics in the same way although just like one of our snow sledges this junior snowboard is extremely portable and can be carried or placed in the car boot easily.


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